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One goal of education must be to prepare our students for successful participation in meaningful work.


The mission of Hanover Career Student Resource Inc. is to facilitate communication between students and local businesses for the purposes of educational, career and workforce development.

The Vision:  The HCSR Career Guide will serve as a tool for students, parents, educators and local businesses to enhance communication resulting in a well trained workforce supporting the needs of Hanover County.

Hanover students can learn about local businesses through the E-Guide:  E-Guide Login  Best viewed with Internet Explorer

Businesses can update their company data and add help wanted ads to the E-Guide:  Business Login  Best viewed with Internet Explorer

What is the E-Guide?  An effective way to communicate training, help wanted and other career opportunities to a large audience of prospective employees. 



Why add a Student Personal Profile and is it secure?

  1. It is safe.  No student name is required.

  2. All profiles remain anonymous.

  3. Email addresses willl be used only for automatically generated notices created by the program software.

  4. No businesses will ever be able to contact a student.

  5. All student-to-business contact will be initiated by the student and/or parent.

HCSR was organized to help students find people in the business community who can help you explore career options and find jobs.



HCSR wants to help you guide your student through their process of career planning.  What are the current Virginia Child Labor Laws?  What school-related work opportunities are available? What is the miniumum wage?  Check out the Parents page for answers to these questions.

Got a Question?

Go to the FAQ's page.  If you still need help, email admin@hanovercareers.org.

Are you missing that high school diploma you need to find a job or advance in your present career?  Click here for information on obtaining a GED diploma.  Call the Georgetown School at 723-3460.


Check out the Hanover Education Foundation at www.hefhanover.com.


Click here to check out the HSCR Guide Review

HINT:  Volunteer! You’ll add skills, make contacts, and it can lead to a job.   www.hanovervolunteers.org

Disclaimer:   The information in each business profile in the Career Guide and E-Guide has been submitted and proofed for publication by the individual businesses.  HCSR makes no statement regarding the accuracy of the information or the ability of the businesses to perform the services offered.    This directory is designed to be used by students and parents in independent career research, and parents need to exercise their usual level of supervision regarding student contacts with these businesses.

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